Financial Assistance

Project Horse's own Foster Scholarship Fund (endowed in early 2014) makes it possible for any client to benefit from our equine therapy and learning programs. To date, this Fund has awarded over $4,500 in scholarships. The fund has enabled over 20 individuals to access our specialized services, from young children improving social skills through "horse play", to adult women healing from domestic abuse and trauma in a therapy group, to teens gaining confidence and friends in our summer camps.

It ALL Began With A nEGLECTED Horse


Foster began life as the great grandson of the famous racehorse, Secretariat. He too had a racing career, but did not receive the same royal treatment. His caretakers were rough and in 2008, Loudoun County Animal Care & Control found Foster nearly starved to death in his stall. He had been forgotten all winter, and after years of abuse and neglect he had become very anxious and fearful.

At first, it was hard for Foster to trust even the people at Project Horse, but they were patient. Eventually, Foster responded to the excellent care and kindness and started to relax and enjoy his new life. Foster values his job as a therapy horse and is a very important member of our healing herd.

Many of our clients have been neglected and abused, and when they hear Foster's story, meet him "in person", and see what a wonderful horse he is, it gives them hope. It's no surprise that Foster is one of the favorites at Project Horse.

A very generous donor started this scholarship fund for families who cannot afford coming to project Horse. They named it after Foster because he is an excellent role model for overcoming trust issues, developing social skills and finding new value and purpose in life. There's no greater destiny for the great great grandson of Secretariat than to be this healing hero, a survivor and a symbol of hope.


Donate Today

For individuals on the Autism Spectrum: apply for ASNV reimbursement grants to help offset the costs of camps, social skills groups, after-school programs and workshops!

To apply, ASNV's online, needs-based screening application must be completed during May and/or November annually (application deadlines are June 1 and December 1). Mini grants can reimburse recent out-of-pocket expenses or pay for upcoming expenses.

CONTACT the Autism Society of Northern Virginia for details.

For kids in Loudoun County: Loudoun County offers a needs-based Summer Camp Scholarship Program (an adult family member must be employed).

CONTACT: Theresa Smith, Loudoun County Dept. of Family Services

PHONE: 703-771-5001