Warrior Herd Connections

Serving our country requires individuals to distance themselves from their families and focus on the big picture mission. Even after an honorable discharge or retirement from military service, it can be extremely difficult to regain the closeness once enjoyed with a spouse, partner, or family members of all ages. Project Horse launched the Warrior Herd initiative this fall to help close the distance between veterans and their loved ones, providing opportunities for relaxation and restoration in a natural environment (with the help of our highly skilled four-legged therapists).

The October 15th Warrior Herd Couples Workshop was held on a warm Sunday afternoon, and Killian, one of the younger but large members of our herd, chose to participate. At the end of the session Killian rubbed his head on one of the participants in a near-perfect moment of connection, illustrating the level of trust gained in such a relatively short span of time. It's truly amazing how deeply one can work, and how quickly things can emerge and progress, in an equine therapeutic setting.

Warrior Herd's next workshop is focused on family bonds and connections, and we have space available to serve 2 more families. The Warrior Herd Families Workshop will be held Saturday November 18. Please apply by November 13 for consideration for this Family Workshop. We are also now accepting applications for other upcoming Warrior Herd Couples, Family and Veterans workshops, as well as for the Warrior Herd Family Celebration Day on the Farm (July 2018) and the weeklong summer day camp for children who have lost a parent to combat (held August 2018.)

Feel free to apply for early acceptance into any of our cost-free Warrior Herd workshops and group programs. We again thank the generosity of our wonderful sponsors, VetsAid Foundation and Lockheed Martin, whose commitment to Project Horse provides full funding for the Warrior Herd pilot program and ensures that no veterans or their families pay any program fee!

Killian pictured with volunteer, Jeff Williams, honorably discharged in 2012

Killian pictured with volunteer, Jeff Williams, honorably discharged in 2012