Horse Budz for Preteens

Horse Budz Flyer.png
Horse Budz Flyer.png

Horse Budz for Preteens


Full fee is $85 per workshop
Apply here for needs-based financial assistance. Funding is limited.

These wonderful workshops are perfect for kids, ages 10 to 12, who would benefit from greater self-confidence, frustration tolerance, interpersonal skills and problem solving. No horse experience is necessary, and no participant is required to attend a set number of workshops. You can attend one, a few, or attend them all!

Each workshop includes fun ground-based activities with horses and peers, organized around a different and relevant topic each month! This engaging and supportive wellness group is facilitated by an LCPS guidance counselor (who’s also a Licensed Professional Counselor), and a certified Equine Specialist at Project Horse.

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Dates to register:

July 7th

August 4th

September 1st

October 6th

November 3rd

December 1st

Pre-registration on this site is required for participation in any Horse Budz workshop.

Topics covered include such things as:

  • Setting boundaries

  • Expanding social skills

  • Improving problem solving skills

  • Dealing with bullying & peer pressure

  • Setting priorities

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