At Project Horse, Summer Camp is Horse Play!

Camps at Project Horse do not involve riding, which opens up a world of possibilities for kids to discover endless cool ways to hang out with, and learn from, horses. Our camps are unique, supportive and fun. A wonderful thing about Project Horse camp is that everyone makes new friends. The special atmosphere and our amazing horses ensure that every participant feels successful and has a memorable week. Our specialty camps are great for kids who need a boost in social confidence or self-esteem, but also provide enriching opportunities for kids who could benefit from better problem solving and leadership skills.

Through "play" with the horses, our camps help kids learn a lot about themselves and the world around them. Designed for both boys and girls, the camp program focuses on:

  • self-esteem and empowerment
  • frustration tolerance & coping skills
  • creative problem-solving and teamwork
  • appropriate social skills and interpersonal communication skills
  • boundaries, self-awareness and empathy
  • having fun, making friends and being in the natural world

There's tons of hands-on time with the horses each day - caring for the horses' needs, painting with the horses, working on horse agility and other training skills, and learning to connect with the horses. Horse Play at Project Horse is a fun and laid back way to help kids learn to be more patient, compassionate and self-confident. 

Minimum staff ratio is 1:4

Prior horse experience is welcomed but not at all necessary


  • At camp, meet local NBC news star, Fiona Fudge! You may even get to help her create one of her special & original works of art.
  • At camp, enjoy building friendships with our mini and full size horses!