Why Empty Nesters Choose Project Horse


Horses are Sensitive to our Emotions

It is often an exciting time when children leave home, as they are usually starting on new journeys of self-discovery, but it is also a time when new empty nesters feel sadness, a loss of identity and loneliness. Now is a time for rediscovery as you are no longer who you used to be and there is a world of possibilities in front of you for your next chapter. 

You may find connection and rediscover something you had forgotten about yourself by spending time with horses like Reeses. Reeses is our co-founder and finding a suitable job for this former equine triathlete actually inspired the founding of Project Horse in 2008. Reeses was found lame and arthritic after a traumatic sports injury. Her owner had been unable or unwilling to provide appropriate medical care and rehabilitation, so Reeses did not recover properly and was no longer able to be ridden. She was sent to a breeding farm to be a broodmare, but when that didn’t produce results she was deemed useless, turned out into a field and forgotten.

With plenty of life left in her, and an ability to connect deeply and immediately with many individuals, she’s a lovely counselor and coach. Reeses is full of patience and kindness, but doesn’t accept excuses for what’s not working in one’s life - she expects her “clients” to work on things in a real, honest way. Come meet horses like Reeses and be challenged to see this next chapter of your life in a new light. Reeses is loving this chapter of her life and she can help you learn to love your next chapter too.