What is the Cost?

Individual, family and group therapy fees vary depending upon treatment needs and program. Therapy services may be eligible for reimbursement. Our services are self pay, and fees due at time of service.

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Can I get Insurance Coverage?

Health plans and benefits vary widely, so you will need to check your out-of-network therapy reimbursement coverage. Inquire about the coverage of individual therapy (the billing code is 90837) and group therapy (the billing code is 90853). Upon request, we can provide you a statement to submit to your health insurance carrier.

For groups which are not led by a therapist, you may submit to your Flexible Spending Account for reimbursement, if you have this type of benefit. We can provide a statement upon request. 

Who Does it Help?

Project Horse offers mental health services and wellness programs for individuals, families, couples and groups. Partnering with horses in therapy is extremely effective for a variety of challenges including:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • eating disorders
  • self harm
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • trauma recovery
  • substance abuse
  • selective mutism
  • and much more!

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Does it feel like therapy?

Not at all! One of the many benefits of working with horses is that it means that our programs and services don't feel like traditional therapy.

Who leads the therapy sessions?

Individual therapy and group therapy sessions are co-facilitated by a licensed therapist and a Certified Equine Specialist. Learn more about our treatment team here.  

WHAT is the weather policy?

We have both indoor and outdoor client spaces so that sessions can be held rain or shine. In cases of inclement weather, we notify our clients about cancellations keeping everyone's safety as our top priority.

WHAT should I wear?

Closed toe shoes or boots and comfortable clothing that is suitable for an outdoors environment should be worn. We always recommend wearing layers and choosing clothing that can get dirty. In colder weather, bring a hat and gloves. In warmer weather, bring a hat, sunscreen and bug repellant. Always make sure to bring a water bottle to your session!

Is Horse experience required?

Horse experience is not necessary to gain the full benefit from our programs and services! Whether you have been around horses your entire life or have never seen one up close before, you will be welcomed at Project Horse.