Therapy & Mental Health Services

Project Horse provides custom equine assisted therapy services to





No prior horse experience is necessary, and the sessions do not include any riding. Activities and interactions occur "on the ground" where the benefit of the horse as therapist-partner is the most powerful. Unhealthy patterns and behaviors are uncovered in the paddock, and new skills and thought patterns can be put into practice in a safe, nurturing environment. The horses provide thought-provoking, instant feedback and are always "in the moment". Therapy services may be eligible for reimbursement. Learn more on our FAQ page.


Check out our video from the Impact Club where our director Darcy talks about how she has seen equine therapy and its benefits firsthand!

“I am a clinical psychologist who has been accompanying residential groups to Project Horse since July 2011. Our groups consist of teenagers who present with a variety of issues, including Mood Disorders, substance abuse problems, trauma, Attachment Disorders, and attention problems. Many of our kids have never interacted with horses before and are intimidated by their size. [Project Horse] does an excellent job of reinforcing simple safety precautions while allowing the clients to approach the horses at a pace that is comfortable for them. Once the teens get over their initial fears, their interactions with the horses have been a powerful addition to traditional therapy. Several clients in our groups have developed a strong attachment to the horses. Through this bond, they have learned empathy skills and have also begun to take some healthy risks in trusting people. The group activities at Project Horse provide a more relaxed atmosphere to examine their issues than in traditional therapy, which enables the teens to open up about some issues they may struggle with in their treatment. The environment is relaxed, safe, and fun, and is the highlight of the week for many of our clients.”
— Dr. Catherine Wanamaker, Grafton Integrated Health Network, Leesburg, Virginia residential facility
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SERVICES For Individuals, Families and Couples

Therapy is tailored to an individual's, family's or couple's treatment goals, in coordination with your primary therapist. If there is no primary, our therapist will do an intake assessment where you will help formulate treatment goals.

Equine therapy is beneficial for a wide variety of challenges:

  • PTSD and trauma recovery

  • substance abuse

  • depression and anxiety

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • ADD, AD/HD

  • eating disorders

  • self harm

  • emotional and behavioral modification

  • assertiveness and boundary setting

  • social skills / peer relations

  • family reunification and reintegration

  • transitioning to civilian life (for warriors and their families)


Group Therapy Programs

Individuals with similar goals and challenges enjoy the supportive environment provided by our wellness and therapy groups that are offered throughout the year. Therapy groups are led by a therapist, and the group meets weekly at a designated time.

Groups are designed to focus on issues such as:

  • social skills for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • teens with eating disorders

  • trauma recovery

  • parenting kids with Reactive Attachment Disorder