Warrior Herd™

Pro bono services for veterans and their families

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To get more information about Warrior Herd™ services, simply contact us by email or phone at 703-517-6964.

To request or initiate Warrior Herd™ services, we ask that each veteran (or their significant other) complete a simple online application. All applicant information is for internal use only and will remain strictly confidential.

Project Horse’s Warrior Herd™ offers a variety of services:

  • Family Wellness & Connection Workshops: Warrior Herd™ family-focused workshops help veterans and their family members reconnect, in order to strengthen relationships and foster mutual understanding and acceptance. With only one family participating at a time, workshops are built around your family’s specific goals and needs.

  • Psychotherapy & Crisis Intervention:  Individualized equine-assisted psychotherapy services for veterans to treat PTS, suicidal ideation, depression, and related symptoms. Services are provided on an individual basis, tailored to the treatment needs and goals of each veteran. The Warrior Herd™ therapy intervention is typically 5 to 10 sessions held once weekly, designed to minimize debilitating symptoms, rebuild internal reserves, experience positive growth, and identify on-going supports.

  • Group Wellness & Recreation:  Part-day Warrior Herd™ group visits designed to connect with our therapy horses, in a relaxing pastoral setting. The visits offer opportunities for veterans to engage in post traumatic growth and personal development, through a variety of engaging and fun non-riding activities with the horses. Each visit includes both individual experiences as well as group team-building experiences with the therapy herd. Every group establishes its own goals for the visit, and family members can be included if desired.

we proudly offer All Warrior Herd™ programs free of charge.

To apply, please fill out a brief, confidential application. We will follow up within 5 business days, and notify every applicant whether they are accepted or have a wait-list status. Thank you.

We invite veterans from all branches of service to participate in Warrior Herd™, and to share in the healing and restorative environment we offer at Project Horse.

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