Why Choose Project Horse for Your Teen?


Project Horse's equines, having successfully overcome a variety of challenges themselves, make excellent teachers and role models. A horse’s body language and energy provides constant feedback about a teenager’s emotional state and is an invaluable resource for our treatment team. Our therapists can use a horse’s feedback to help a teen without requiring the teen to articulate those thoughts and feelings specifically.

The presence of horses in our sessions usually motivates even the most reluctant teens to genuinely engage in the therapeutic process out of a desire to connect with the horse. These connections quickly facilitate client change, and healing can typically begin in a very short period of time. One California clinical psychologist with 20+ years’ experience states that a single session with the horses has the therapeutic impact of five sessions in a traditional office talk therapy setting.

At Project Horse, through a variety of non-riding activities, horses play an integral role in motivating and helping teens learn, grow and change. The feedback provided by the horses accelerates personal growth and healing, and with guidance from the treatment team, it allows teens to try out new ways of thinking, responding and being, while in a safe and supportive setting. Teens can learn and practice these new skills and ideas at Project Horse before applying them to daily life “outside the paddock”.