Foster was part of a high profile seizure of 48 starved thoroughbreds in Northern Virginia...

He has overcome the hurdles thrust upon him and does not let his past define him. He is always happy to visit and hang out with someone, is very curious about what's happening around him and happy to engage. Foster is super sweet, with a touch of mischief! Perhaps he was formerly a race horse, but these days, he is more like a big puppy dog. Foster has a lot to teach clients about patience, building trust, dealing with fear and anxiety, and coping with symptoms of PTSD, as well as about communication.

A special note about Foster... On August 12, 2013, Foster suffered a severe episode of colic, due to a partial impaction of his secum (part of his small intestine). Fortunately, a dedicated volunteer found him within minutes of him going down, alerted our vet, and Foster was sent to the Marion duPont Equine Medical Center for emergency colic surgery. The options for Foster were: a) have him euthanized; b) have the impaction cleared surgically. Foster was in emergency surgery within 3.5 hours of being found getting sick. And, one of the world's leading colic experts and lecturers just happened to be on call at the hospital that night, so he performed Foster's life-saving surgery.

The surgery was a success and Foster made it through the slow recovery process like a champ. He's back to enjoying his regular life as a charismatic therapy horse. Foster now receives special digestive and nutritional supplements to help avoid any future colic.

Foster is an American Thoroughbred born in 2004.
His birthday is May 7.