Penny Blossom is one of the sweetest, gentlest members of our herd.

Her rescuers soon discovered that Penny was pregnant after they rescued her. Penny's daughter is Fiona Fudge, and in 2014 Project Horse adopted both Penny and Fudge, to expand the Mobile Minis program. When Penny first came to Project Horse, she was so full of anxiety and fear that no one could even touch her. However, after spending time with all of the compassionate people and horses at Project Horse, she has transformed into a more confident and relaxed horse.

Contrary to what she has experienced in the past, Penny is learning that humans are kind and can be trusted. Penny often helps those who struggle with anxiety as well as trauma. She is a true inspiration and pillar of character.

Penny is an American Miniature Horse born in 2003. Her birthday is September 21.