Gracie's caretaker got sick and had to surrender her to a rescue organization...

She was moved from rescue home to rescue home, and was even bitten by a tick at one of the rescue farms and became sick herself for a while. Project Horse has provided Gracie with much more than a stable home, it has given her a new purpose to fulfill as a therapy horse. Clients that feel unsafe, or unsure of where they belong find support and healing with Gracie's help.


Gracie has something to offer because she's been there too. Her sensitivity to emotions helps her to tune in to the needs of our clients. Clients feel seen by Gracie, and she can provide support for them just as others have done for her. Gracie shows her gratitude everyday by paying it forward to others in her work as a therapy horse.

Gracie is an American Thoroughbred born in 2002.
Her birthday is May 8.