When Rocksy was rescued, she had laminitis and without the right treatment she could have died...

A kind soul had rescued Rocksy in very poor condition, and in fact when she was rescued she could hardly move. The veterinarian also found she had Cushings, which is a disease that affects a horse's ability to process insulin properly. Her prescribed treatment meant that Rocksy couldn't eat ANY grass and couldn't move around at all for about 7 weeks! She had to stay in her stall, which was pretty boring even with all the hay she wanted. 


Rocksy's kind rescuer couldn't keep her forever because of her special needs, so she came to Project Horse in November of 2016. Rocksy's sore feet receive special daily care while she is recovering, including rubber mats in the barn and custom "slippers" she wears on her feet! Clients can identify with the challenges Rocksy has faced and are drawn in by her sweet and curious nature. 

Rocksy was born in 2000. 
Her birthday is November 8.