Jack is the smallest member of our herd, however that does not stop him from having a spirited personality!

Jack is a very charismatic yet thoughtful horse. His small stature and rock star like mane may reel people in, but his charm and kindness are what connect him to others and steal their hearts. Jack often portrays a tough and guarded exterior, but when you get to know him, his soft lovable side shines through.

Jack is a very gifted member of our Mobile Minis team and has always been this program's anchor. While he does well working with all kinds of people of all ages, Jack thoroughly enjoys going to schools and working with such an interesting variety of wonderful students. Like any "Jack Bon Jovi" rock star, our sweet Jack truly shines when he's out in public, in the limelight.

Jack is an American Miniature horse born in 1999. His birthday is April 23.