Killian had several challenges early in life including a serious eye injury, colic, and a broken knee...

In 2010, Killian was born in Oklahoma, then at only 6 months of age, he and his sister were uprooted and transported to an auction house in Virginia. Fortunately, both Killian and his sister were saved by a kind-hearted woman who took the horses home and cared for them.

Project Horse staff member, Maria Kimble, fell in love with Killian, officially adopting him in 2013. Despite everything Killian has been through, he is a very joyful and expressive horse. He reminds us to not take everything so seriously and truly live in the moment. His resiliency is incredible and serves as a great example for people who are experiencing challenges in their own lives.

Killian is a Friesian Paint cross born in 2010.
His birthday is July 13.