Much of Malachi's early life is a mystery...

We do know that he was a racehorse who did not perform very well on the track, and that his registered name is Stormin Reprised. You will notice just from looking at his right front knee that, like many other racehorses, he had a knee injury at some point. Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue in Pennsylvania rescued him from an unpleasant fate, and they called him Stormy while he waited for his forever home.


Project Horse Equine Specialist, Martha Briggs, found Malachi when she decided she was ready to add another horse to her life. She saw his photo and it was love at first sight! Malachi is a big sweetheart who gets along with everyone. He seems to be the low man on the totem pole when he's in a herd, but always manages to find one or two others that he prefers to hang with regularly.  He also enjoys hanging out with cats, dogs, and deer! 

Malachi is a Thoroughbred born in 2000.
His birthday is June 22.